Session 1



Be Part of the Solution: Sexual Harassment

We will be covering the recent changes/additions to New York State law concerning sexual harassment, along with changes to the Internal Revenue Code which will impact the settlement of sexual harassment claims by employers and whether the settlement is tax deductible.

Michael Sciotti from Barclay Damon, LLP


Passing the Payroll Litmus Test: Employee Development & Core Competencies

We all know the story, you worked in finance or HR and suddenly, you find yourself doing payroll. Now you have a responsibility of training individuals to do payroll and of course they have no experience. In this session, we will define core competencies needed for a payroll professional. Then, show you how to use them to develop your non-payroll employees to be outstanding Payroll Professionals.

Tina Wescott from Bryant & Stratton


Going to Simmer: Emerging Issues in State Unemployment

Beginning with an overview of the unemployment tax system, we will progress to discussing the unemployment tax rating system, savings opportunities, compliance issues, and touch on the ramifications that occur when companies move employees between entities. We will also discuss UI Integrity, SUTA Dumping and look at legislation, and how this is effecting the industry.

Rori Carney from Equifax