2017 New York Statewide Payroll Conference

This year's conference will be held on September 28th and 29th at the Saratoga Casino Hotel in Saratoga Springs, NY. 

Attendee Conference Fee when you register on or before 9/1/17 is $285.00

Attendee Conference Fee when you register after 9/1/17 is $320.00

One Day Registration Fee is $175.00

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2017 Conference Breakout Sessions


Breakout Session 1


Taxable and Non-taxable fringes- Breakout session 1A

This program will focus on the taxation or non-taxation of employee fringe benefits, specifically welfare benefit plans.  This session will teach you when an employer can take a tax deduction for providing a plan, when an employee can contribute pre-tax dollars towards their benefit plan, how a plan can lose its non-taxable status and what employers need to do to maintain the non-taxable status.  In addition you will learn about which dependents are eligible to have pre-tax deductions taken. Finally, you will hear about the latest approaches by the current Administration to repealing or adding new taxes in the latest version of health care reform

Dan Colacino | R&K


Smartphones, Tablets and Watches in Payroll-Breakout Session 1B

  • Paycards today, recent paycard regulation updates.
  • Millenials in the Workforce
  • New Apps in Payroll

Dallas Wilfong | Rapid Paycard


Workplace Violence-Breakout Session 1C

For employers, the threat of workplace violence is an unfortunate reality. Headlines recounting acts of violence in the workplace have become a regular occurrence. Each year, nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence. This program will take an in-depth look at the problem and discuss strategies for preventing and responding to violence in the workplace, including:

  • Identifying the causes of workplace violence
  • Examining the impact an incident of violence can have on the workplace
  • Reviewing the legal landscape addressing workplace violence, including the New York State Workplace Violence Prevention Law and the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Providing guidance on developing an action plan to address workplace violence
  • Discussing best practices for responding to an incident of violence in the workplace

Michael Billok | B,S&K

Breakout Session 2


Garnishments-Breakout Session 2A

Did you know that if you don’t calculate and withhold a garnishment from wages correctly that your company may be required to pay the entire amount of the employee’s debt – not just the corrected payment? This session will review the ways other than child support that wages can be garnished, including creditor garnishments, tax levies and bankruptcy orders.  Learn how to calculate a federal tax levy correctly!  We all rely on our payroll software to calculate our garnishments, but how do you know that it’s right?

Abby Moran | APA National Speaker


Prevention of Overpaid Employment Taxes-Breakout Session 2C

The intricacies of the tax laws can create situations where employers overpay employment-related taxes. These overpayments vary in type [e.g., social security ("FICA"), federal unemployment ("FUTA"), and state unemployment insurance ("SUI")] and can be created without your knowledge or due to circumstances beyond your control.

Employers that engage in M&A activities (mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, divestitures, and internal employee realignments) or that have employees regularly crossing state borders to perform their job functions are particularly susceptible to employment-related tax overpayments. FICA and FUTA overpayments can be significant; however, SUI tax overpayments come in many forms and can often be avoided by taking advantage of unique SUI tax laws.

This presentation is particularly valuable to payroll, human resource, tax, employment tax, and unemployment tax professionals concerned with tax costs and will provide information on methods to secure refunds of overpaid employment taxes, including:

  •  Rate Revisions (SUI)
  • Wage Base Restarts (FICA, FUTA, and/or SUI)
  • Use of Out-of-State Wage Credits (SUI)
  • Multi-State Reporting or "Sourcing" of Wages (SUI)
  • Time Limits on Seeking Refunds (FICA, FUTA, and SUI)

Susan Dermody | Equifax


Dinner and Learn


Cybersecurity and Data Privacy


The unfortunate side effect of news stories about website and data breaches is that it tends to become background noise and invite complacency, when employers should be ever more aware of their obligations of protecting employees’ data—as well as protecting their company or organization’s data from negligent or rogue employees.  This presentation will outline employers’ responsibilities when it comes to cybersecurity and data privacy, and what employers can do to minimize the chance of, and be ready for, data breaches.

Michael Billok


Breakout Session 3

Payroll Research Using the Internet-Breakout Session 3A

Refine your skills with efficient research techniques, learn ways to analyze websites for accuracy and credibility, and discover useful social media.

Jon Bohnert | Symmetry


25 Ways to Positively Impact Payroll-Breakout Session 3B

We will cover 25 ways to positively impact a company’s bottom line through payroll innovations.  Topics are grouped into 5 categories:  Automation, Information, Reconciliation, Process Improvement and New Technologies. The course is a fast-paced walk through system improvements related exclusively to payroll.

Tracie Sawade | Ultimate Software


Wage & Hour Audits – What To Expect?- Breakout Session 3C

This presentation will review the following:

  •  Audit Authority;
  • Why is an employer selected for an investigation?;
  • Investigation Procedures;
  • What enforcement remedies are available under the laws administered?;
  • What enforcement procedures are provided under the laws administered?;
  • Employer Rights; and
  • Common employer mistakes.

Mike Sciotti


Lunch and Learn

Leaders Ignite

  • Leaders become uncomfortable being comfortable. 
  • Leaders communicate frequently with emotional regulation. 
  • Positive conflict is precious. 
  • Converting stress and anxiety into courage.
  • Easy to love and hard to please.
  • Leaders unleash people power. 

Mary Burkhardt


Breakout Session 4


Dealing with a Dept of Labor Investigation-Breakout Session 4A

Focus on how investigations are conducted and what to expect during the investigation.  Discuss the most common FLSA violations.

Kristyna Lamphere | U.S. Dept of Labor


New York State Paid Family Leave-Breakout Session 4B

Beginning January 1, 2018, all private sector employers in New York State will be required to comply with New York’s Paid Family Leave Law.  During this presentation, we will review the requirements of Paid Family Leave, including employee eligibility, amount of benefits, qualifying reasons for leave, employer contributions, the use of certifications for leave, use of intermittent leave,  as well as differences and interplay between Paid Family Leave and the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Robert Manfredo | B,S&K


Employee Failure to Cash Payroll Check-Breakout Session 4C

  • This presentation will review the following:
  • Timing of payroll checks under the New York State Labor Law and related issues;
  • Employer cannot profit;
  • Notice to employee; and
  • Notice to State of New York.

Mike Sciotti


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